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Simple user interface, one-time setup.
Technology adapts to presenter.
Includes Saber camera for the highest quality video experience.
1080P, 60 FPS, 12X Optical Zoom
DVI-I (HDMI) or optional USB3.0 output.
The Saber Autopilot System (AP) is an auto tracking solution that utilizes facial, shape, and
motion tracking to accurately follow the presenter/instructor. It’s a software version of a
camera operator with no operators and no tracking beacons required.

The Autopilot system included Saber Camera and tracking package
The Package included a intel NUC mini PC, tracking software embedded, Cables,
wall/monitor universal mount

The Autopilot, adding professional-grade tracking to the Angekis lineup

The Autopilot package features our Saber PTZ camera with:

·12x optical zoom
·Low light ability. Excellent image quality even at low lux of 0.01 lux
·Larger FOV at 72.5 degrees with no video distortion
·Belt drive technology – twin motors for smooth, quiet and fast movement
·Reverse mountable, standard tripod screw on bottom of unit
·DVI-I (HDMI) & USB 3.0 output
·Full function remote control

An Intel NUC mini PC provides the processing power for the Perfect Track software:

·Intel Core i3
·SSD hard drive
·Windows 10 Professional

Also included is a wall/display mount and all necessary cables. An optional addition is a USB 3.0 video capture device.

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